Twillingate-Day 44- July 14, 2021

What a day what a day!

I successfully have my very first webinar today. There were glitches, software malfunctions, some pauses and hesitations but overall I enjoyed the experience..

I’m a guy that actually enjoys talking about his work. Its something I am passionate about. I also like talking about how devastating deteriorating physical and mental health can be, BUT that there is hope out there and a way out if you keep your eyes open for it.

It struck me today that I as I told the story of the broken boat I stumbled across in Bonavista, about it it inspired me and started me on the journey of photographic exploration I am on now , I should have shared a photo of the boat…

So, here it is…

No photo description available.

The cel phone photo that launched the whole thing lol

I haven’t been shooting alot the last couple of days. Between travel, getting printing done and prep for the Webinar I’ve been very busy, but tomorrow is all about shooting, getting up early, loading the car and going. Where? Not sure.. but exploration is needed, both for the work and for the soul…

Been working on getting my prints all signed up today as well…


Cannot WAIT to get these framed, I think its going to look simply amazing!

That’s it folks, that’s all for tonight..

There will be a PILE of work to show tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful night all!

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