Twillingate-Day 34-July 4, 2021

Ok, I just have to say this outright…

Loss of mobility is not good for ones mental health.

Ok, let’s be fair, I have mobility. I can, and have, walked around and done small in the area discovery expeditions. It’s been fun, and rewarding, Sometimes when we are driving, or moving too fast we often miss small instances of beauty and wonder.

That being said, I need my car to transport me to areas outside my walking distance to I can broaden my exploration and discovery, on the smaller and larger scale.

Not going to lie, I am filled with anxiety about Tuesday. I try so hard to be positive. This car has a ton of positivity around it, the story of its purchase, its rehab and its brief time in and around Twillingate is a feel good one, no doubt.


If its not working, or if its going to cost a ton of cash for repairs then the feel good could drop out very quickly. I have been fortunate that sales of the Stained Glass limited edition had been brisk enough at the start to allow me to squirrel away a little cushion, but that cushion is just that, little. I still haven’t had the review of my EI reviewed and while the amount I receive is adjusted for my self employment earnings, it’s absence still represents a large hole in our family income. To have that further impacted by unexpected repairs, well, its a drain in the ol’ mental bank account as well.

And it’s taking its toll…

I hate to put a grey cast on what has been a wonderful experience, but I am not one to sweep the tough areas under the rug, and this, right now, is a tough area.

I have a significant enough body of work right now that I can produce a final show, so that’s ok, but its not about that. Its about being HERE and being out and exploring, looking, capturing and sharing. Right now I am trapped, limited and dependent on others to get around and that’s not a great place to be.

Fingers crossed folks for a quick and inexpensive fix please.

Had a wonderful visit today with a couple of fine folks, Wilma and Jerry, for a cup of coffee and delicious homemade scones, and more importantly a chat about art, heritage, history, preservation, story telling, expectations, realities, shifting attitudes and bunch of other equally fascinating and important topics., It was a real pleasure to sit for a while and have good, intelligent and insightful conversation about topics I very much care about. Thanks for having me over folks, it was a much needed social time and I greatly appreciated it.

While I was there was talked a little about Georgina Stirling, a locally born opera singer…

“…Georgina Stirling, opera singer born in Twillingate NL Canada in 1866, performed on world stages in Milan, New York and Boston. Performing under the stage name Marie Toulinguet, she later became known as the Nightingale of the North.”

Unscripted, the same folks who are sponsoring my residency produced a short film about her that I found to be well crafted and frankly fascinating, do yourselves a favour and give it a watch,..

Not a lot in the way of photos to share today. I do have this one though, its a root cellar in the backyard of my gracious hosts from today.

I was struck by the Orange door, we all know that the colour orange has an elevated weight in Canada these days and while I am not one to wear ribbons etc. I was conscious of the fact that this photo MIGHT have some added emotion given those circumstances, so I leave you with it…. Orange…

Until tomorrow friends, have a wonderful evening and look for the beauty around you…

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