Twillingate-Day 30-June 30, 2021

No video blog again today, sorry bout that, frankly wasn’t up to sitting in front of a camera. Had a great start to the day but ended up not so great when I ran into car issues.. again…

I love my Subaru, it represents more to me than just a car. Its freedom to go where I want when I want to shoot the things I need to. Even more so it represents relief from my chronic pain and back issues. I haven’t suffered from back, hip or knee pain ONCE since I got it.

That a HUGE thing for me, HUGE…

Lastly, it represents the very best of the community that I found myself involved with here online, from folks purchasing my work, helping out with a coffee, and more, to the amazing work of Joe doing repairs and more on the rig. This vehicle could never have happened without a group of people coming together to make it reality.

This past week or so though, it’s really been doing a number on my nerves lol…

First was the brake lines, and it was down for four days, and not today I have a rattle, scrape, crunch and grind in the rear end of the rig. I can still drive it, but I’m not driving it far. I have an appointment for Tuesday to see what’s going on with it.

Its a 350k 10 year old Subaru… its going to have issues… I wish that they were happening at home instead of on the road is all.

As a result, I’ve had to delay my trip to Change Islands, which is disappointing but that’s ok, I have several locations I still want to visit here and lord knows, there’s a lot of things to discover…

Enough of that.. lol..

Today I had the great pleasure of visiting Saint Peters Anglican Church… this is a magnificent church, simply amazing, like so many of these proud old buildings built in a different time with different values and a completely different way of life.

This particular building was completed in 1844 and was designated a heritage structure by The Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1998.

Here are some of the captures, though there are many more to sort through,,,

What an honor it is to visit this places and be allowed to explore and capture them.

That’s it for this evening folks, have yourself a safe and amazing evening, I look forward to bringing you more tomorrow!

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