Twillingate-Day 29-June 29,2021

It’s in the details.

No video today, been a long day lol, for reasons I won’t go into, but involving the car, grumble. I’m tired.

Bit of an adventure today, went out the Bayview, which is right next door to have a look around for different stages to capture when we had the happy accident of running into Jim Gillard as he was tending his yard. We got to chatting and it turns out Jim is an astromomer, and a pretty serious one at that!

We were honored, myself and Jordan Harnum, musician extraordinaire, to be invited onto this man observatory and holy cow, where were ever impressed.

I felt smarter just being in that building….

This was amazing for me as well in that I am very interested in Astro-photography, though very basic milky way and moon stuff right now. It was amazing to me to see that kind of setup that can capture some of those stunning nebula and other distant objects.

Right now this is the limit of my skill lol…

May be a closeup of sky and nature
May be an image of nature and sky
May be an image of fire tower and sky
No photo description available.

Its a ton of fun to be sure, but it was very nice to see the gear the pros use!

Back on solid ground for a minute lol…

Captured some very nice Saltwater Cathedral photos again today as well.

Lastly of, and of course I saved the very best for last. Crystal and Paul let me get some dog lovin’ in with Koda, their uber friendly, coat blowing, drooling, beauty of a pup!


Until tomorrow folks! Have a wonderful evening and may your world be filled with art and beauty, its there, just look for it!

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