Twillingate-Day 25-June 25, 2021

Not sure what was going on with the focus at the beginning of this thing lol…

As promised, there the standalone copy of the video featured at the end of the above blog….

Not a whole heck of a lot more to talk about today. Today is a down day, we need those, they make us appreciate the up days all the more. I am excited to begin to curate the collection I intend to show here as my parting show, and look forward to see it hung. I really want matted framed works but the cost may end up to prohibitive… if it does we’ll come up with something that will work almost as well I am sure.

Again, this was part of what I applied for the ArtsNL grant for, to help with presentation and distribution.

Oh well, there’s always the fall, just not a help right now lol..

Here are the photos from todays outing across the road

I do hope you are enjoying these blogs, if there is anything else you would like to see here please let me know!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Don’t forget, if you love the work, think about purchasing a piece or purchasing a coffee. I have lots of klicks to cover this summer, and your support was never more appreciated.

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