Twillingate-Day 14-June14, 2021

What does the Art Residency mean to me? Well, it gives me a unique opportunity to work on ideas without reservation.

I am a photographer first. Of that there is no doubt, but through my exploration of my craft here in Twillingate I am discovering a affinity for video work, for writing, for painting… and I am exploring all of those mediums with joy and throwing caution to the wind.

I really want to explore more video work. I very much enjoy the process of editing, of layering, cutting, trimming, figuring out which audio works, transitions, POV’s… everything about it appeals to me. Sadly, as with most things, funding holds me back from exploring it to deeply. I really needs a gimbal, a good desktop or high powered laptop for more demanding processes such as stabilization, a good external mic and the dream would be a drone as well.

I will 100% continue to work with what I have on hand however, being limited forces us to be more creative and think of ways to tell our story within the bounds of our capability.

My theme would remain as is, the heritage structures of the province, the abandoned places, those forgotten areas left behind. It would just be amazing to get steady shots, with good processing and some truly unique POV’s.

Who knows, perhaps coming out of this experience I find myself better situated to explore options.

I also really enjoy highlighting the work of artists working in other mediums by utilizing there work in mine. The video I produced today features an absolutely haunting version of Spencil Hill performed by the talented Jordan Harnum

Again, if I had a gimbal a large part of the camera shake you seen in this video would be gone, and what wasn’t completely removed I could further clean in up in post is I had a computer capable of doing it. That’s not to say I would want to remove all of it, I think the jitter works in a small amount, but it would be nice to have the choice.

The other thing I am exploring is an old theme of mine, and an old form I had worked with many times during my NSCAD ( Nova Scotia College of Art and Design ) days. That of a boats keel. I love the form, it has so many different translations or impressions. I have been told it calls to mind a shield, a rib cage, a split fish, even a moth. I LOVE work that allows a viewer to get lost in the form and come to their own conclusions. Here’s a couple of digital paintings I have worked on over the past couple of days…

I’ll continue to explore the form, I am going to attempt to do at least ONE of these a day during my time here in Twillingate.

And of course, I did indeed take a few photos today as well… lol…

Here’s todays photos.

I’m missing the family today and it looks like it came out in my photos lol… art reflects life!

Folks, a very sincere thanks for all the support over the past couple weeks since my Residency began, and for many of you, the support you have given me for several years now as I take this journey towards becoming a career artist. Over the past couple of days there has been an outpouring of messages, comments and well wishes.

There has also been an humbling number of you who have purchased me a coffee or two through my Buy me a Coffee site. I have enjoyed the warmth of your support and want to once again thank you all so very much.

Until tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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