Twillingate-Day 10-June 10,2021

10 days in, wow, I don’t want to leave.

Every day, every turn there is something new.

I’ve been forced, or I should say challenged, the adjust my expecatations as to the type of work I am going to complete while I am here, MAINLY due to the absolute shortage of old and abandoned places. They are still here to be sure, but not as plentiful as I was expecting.

This is where we learn to adjust and adapt.

I am so excited to see where the journey leads…

I am also very excited by the level of support and engagement I have been receiving on social media from local folks as well as those from away. My dream has always been to create interest in this place I love, to showcase the places that make us unique while reflecting the ultimate story of how we, as a people, were shaped by the sea. Much in the same way our coastlines have been shaped by the sea to be rugged, beautiful and unique, so are we.

Being given the opportunity to have the freedom to explore, capture and share THIS place, it’s truly a blessing.

Today I enjoyed the fact that we had a little cloud. It’s a strange complaint, but the sky has been a stark and flawless blue since I arrived. Cloud lends interest, diffuses the light, creates drama,.

I hope you enjoy these photos…

OH, one thing, I have updated the Interactive Map, you can find the link above. It’s a nice way to see on a map where I captured the work I share, I would love to see you folks visit the same places, and take your own photos, create your own memories…

Todays work…

Till tomorrow folks!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Don’t forget, if you love the work, think about purchasing a piece or buying a coffee I have lots of klicks to cover this summer, and your support was never more appreciated.

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