Twillingate-Day 6-June 6th

Today was a day for a little exploration.

I got up a little earlier than I am used to this morning, around 5am of so and hit the road around 6, Just drove without much intention, looking for places of interest, artifacts if you well, areas and scenes that might be interesting to revisit in different light.

I ended up visited Herring Cove, the old plant in that town is interesting, a little larger in scope than what I am looking for, though what I assume was warehouse adjacent to the plant might end up being a place to revisit. There is also an old abandoned church in the town, as well as an extremely overgrown cemetery, I will be revisiting both of these places under different condition.

If anyone has any information on the church, I would love to get inside if possible, though it looks as if access through the front is out of the question.

I hit Indian Cove on the return, and was glad I did. I didn’t really hope to discover a possible keeper piece today but I am very happy with the photos I took of an old stage in the community. I may return a little later under different lighting, would love to see early light streaming through the cracks in this place.

Was also somewhat fascinated by the lightbulb in this place …

After a quick lunch today I debated doing a small hike to Spillars Cove but changed my mind. I was getting pressed on time, shops close in Twillingate at 5 on Sunday and I needed some supper fixin’s lol

I instead did a little more exploration around town. Found a few houses in Durrell of great interest to me, I took a couple of cel phone photos that I will post to a couple of my Twillingate Facebook groups to try and find out who owns the buildings. My ultimate project piece and what I am working towards for the Digital Arts Festival show in September is dependent on getting into some of these buildings for some video work.

Speaking of video work, a little frustration today. I have a Surface Pro. I bought it for mobility and I knew it would be just fine for photo editing, it’s also fine for basic video editing. HOWEVER, it cannot handle heavy video processing, for example, video stabilization. I am running Resolve for my video edits as well as Adobe Premiere Rush and again, for most things, no issue, but its still a let down to not be able to process some footage in order to make it usable.

I am hopeful that once my Calendars arrive and sales ramp of those I will be able to address that issue… iof not…. I just need to rethink some of my footage idea, shoot more tripod work and work on being more steady lol.

The light this afternoon was very harsh and normally I don’t like to shoot in those conditions, however, there was a field in Durrell that had a boat, a root cellar, a anchor and a murder of crows…. how could I resist!

And that was it for the day from an outing standpoint, I returned to the residence to do the above editing work and films a fun little video showing off my stellar accomodations!

I do hope you are enjoying these blogs, if there is anything else you would like to see here please let me know!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Don’t forget, if you love the work, think about purchasing a piece or sponsoring a kilometer. I have lots of klicks to cover this summer, and your support was never more appreciated.

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