Twillingate-Day 3-June 3rd, 2021

I knew this was going to be an adventure!

At this exact time I fully expected to be driving past Goobies en route to town to get my Subaru from my friend. At about 4:25 my phone rang, Joe, my friend, ran into a little hitch with the rig and needed some extra time to address it. It wasn’t anything major, just time consuming.

By the time he got it sorted the garage that was doing the inspection had closed.

So, NOW it’s getting inspected at 8am.

My DMV appointment for the transfer of ownership is 8:30am in Clarenville…

Think I can make it?


So, off the phone with Joe, and try to call the DMV. The DMV closes at 4:30 pm, guess what time I called?

4:31 pm.

Had a wee bit of a scramble trying to figure out how to get to St. Johns tomorrow and get back in time to hit the DMV but Darlenes new boss, who is proving to be awesome by the way, had to go to St. John’s tomorrow morning and I am hitching a ride. He wants me to spill all the dirt on Darlene, I would, but there’s none to spill, she’s an ANGEL!

So, off to town at 7:30 am, pick up Subaru, hope to get into DMV and on the road on Saturday as planned and life is good.

OR, off to town at 7:30 am, pick up Subaru NOT make it to DMV, on the road Saturday in the Elantra NOT the Subaru. Drive BACK to Clarenville Monday evening, spend the night, hit DMV first thing Tuesday morning and BACK to Twillingate.

Either scenario works, one is infinitely better, both see me shooting some photos in the Twillingate region Saturday evening.

Life is good, its interesting when its hectic lol

Upwards and onwards.

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