Where We Stand

See what I did there? Where We Stand? Where Once We Stood?

No? Too much for a Monday? lol

Ok folks, a very informal very broad overview of where I am in the long term plan, what needs to be done, what can be done, what I am doing to try and make things happen and a whole bunch of thank you’s and bouquets to folks who are, simply, amazing.

First where we are.

I am just waiting to get my welcome package and contract for the residency in Twillingate. Once signed its “official” offical. The residency officially begins on June 1st, however, I have to wait until the Saturday, June 5th before I go out… I think…. though that may change now that I have my wheels. More on that later.

I did a little Google Map playing and here’s a look at my home away from home for June and July.

My digs for two months

The entire top floor is mine to eat, sleep and work in. I’m looking forward to seeing the premises, though in all honesty I wouldn’t imagine spending much time there with the exception of sleeping and some editing work. I intend to spend my days out exploring and documenting the area. Lots to see, lots to document, lots to create art from… I can’t wait.

That being said, if I am there, and you’ll know if my rig is parked there, folks in the area are more than welcome to come on up, knock on the door and we can sit for a coffee and a conversation, within Covid-19 rules of course!

I have joined a bunch of Facebook groups from the Twillingate area and I have been FLOORED by the reception I have gotten. I have been invited for enough meals now that I might not need to worry about a store the whole time I am there lol. So kind, also offers to enter old family shops and homes to shoot the interiors of those spaces, so amazing to let someone into your family history like that. I can already tell this is going to be a life changing couple of months for me. I cannot wait to get started, I have some amazing plans, some might work, some I am sure will, and I am excited to share the results with you all.

I will be doing a daily blog in this space while I am in Twillingate, as well as a video blog and multiple TikToks. I feel its going to be important for me to promote the region as much as I can while I am there and beyond. I have platforms with influence I am going to use them, I ask that you share my media as it is posted please, lets reach as many folks as we can so we can shine a spotlight on the region and the province as a whole!

So, I am awaiting words on my ArtsNL grant application. Its in peer review now and the word is that results will be available on May 17th, which is next Monday. I ask you all to keep your collective fingers crossed for me on that. It will be a significant boost to my plans post- Twillingate to visit other regions of the province and to do that same sort of work, albeit abbreviated, that I am going to be creating in Twillingate. This is work that will showcase our rugged natural beauty and mystique, but more so, the people, the history, the soul of the Province. It’s work I believe is so very very important in these very challenging times. This beautiful, rough place is about to get rougher due to the economic reality we find ourselves facing, now is the time our creators step up and offer up their visions of this place to draw people here once the Covid-19 curtain has lifted.

So important.

I am also in the process of applying for my first Canadian Council for the Arts grant. Lots of work in the grant application process let me tell you! As an artist is like we have to keep doing job interviews over and over and over again for the same job we’ve been doing. Its a great exercise though, it really forces to you stripe down and analyze what it is you are trying to achieve.

So, on to another topic….

I HAVE A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a bit of a miracle really, a hail mary… I saw an add for a 2012 Subaru for $1000. The add stated there was a coolant leak that would be an easy fix for the ” mechanically” inclined. Folks, I am here to tell you that I am NOT “mechanically” inclined. I didn’t really give it much more thought beyond making this tweet…

To which this reply was made…..

And thus began a flurry of activity that ended with me buying the Subaru, along with 4 winter tries and 2 extra summer tires, that ended with whiskey, coffee and bacon getting dropped off as a the START of a thank you to this amazing human being that is doing more for me than I can even begin to thank him for… there are angels out there ladies and gentleman, some of the have impact drills and thumb-wrenches rather than wings!

It’s been an incredible couple of days…

And, it was just topped off with the most AMAZING news ever.

My beautiful smart, tolerant and long suffering spouse just got confirmation that she was successful getting her dream job. As of today, she is the Graphic Designer for a local print/office supply company. She deserves this, sooooo much…. I am over the moon for her!

My heart couldn’t be fuller….

Things are looking up.

We needed it…..


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