Media – Updated Sept 5, 2021

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to the media several times regarding not only my work, but also about the kindness I have been shown. Here are my media clips from the past year.

CBC Radio – Sept 5, 2022 Weekend Arts Magazine – Spoke to Steve about my current work, the direction I am heading and the new NFT opportunities for artists to showcase and earn from their work.

CBC Radio – August 20, 2022 Crosstalk – This one meant a lot to me, it was about overcoming adversity and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

CBC Radio – August 14, 2021 Weekend Arts Magazine – Interviewed on Location at the Beaches Arts and Heritage Centre discussing a display of my work there.

CBC Radio – July 8th, 2021 -On the Go, spoke with Martin Jones about adversity and my residency

CBC Morning Show – Musician Jordan Harnum and photographer Cory Babstock were supposed to travel to Twillingate for the summer to work, but their excitement around consistent summer gigs has turned into lockdown uncertainty, due to the threat of Covid-19 in the area.

Unsettled – Saltwire, April 10, 2021

Abandoned Places – Saltwire, January 15, 2021

Annual CBC FeedNL Morning Show – Dec 11, 2020 ( My part kicks in at 21:35 but I encourage you to listen to the whole program, some real stories of hope in there )

I am always thrilled when folks take an interest in me, my story, and most importantly, my work. If you would like to talk to me, feel free to reach out!

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